Find Out About Steampunk, Sci-Fi, and Other Interesting Events in the Tampa Bay Area

Gather your quills and agendas, or activate the digital diary on your personal aethernet device, for here lies the list of events for the upcoming season. Prepare to pose for photographers, meander the best convention halls, and sample the most divine cuisine the Bay has to offer. These are events you want to see and where you want to be seen!

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    3:00 PM-9:00 PM
    InVision Creative Cafe
    275 16th St N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705, United States

    Ladies and gentlemen, get your teapot ready and start your engines! The Tampa Bay Steampunk Society is delighted to announce the First Annual Tampa Bay Splendid Tea Pot Race!

    Splendid Teapot Racing involves radio-controlled teapots negotiating an obstacle course within a set time. The vehicle is simply a teapot of the entrants’ choice attached to a radio-controlled car or truck and embellished to taste.

    Create your own teapot racer and enter the competition! The winner of the event will received prizes, glory and bragging rights!

    Featuring live steampunk music by Escape the Clouds!

    To read the competition rules, please go to the following web page:

    May the best teapot win!

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