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General Tampa Bay Steampunk Society Meeting Notes – June 24, 2017

Purpose: Review, modify, and potentially approve the proposed bylaws (TBSS Bylaws – 2017 V2.7).  If approved, hold election for governing and supporting positions.  Time permitting, discuss future events. Facilitator: Eduardo Questell Note Taker: Laura Brienza Attendees: Annette Caldwell, Clinton Hawley, Doris von Klock, Eduardo Questell, Francene Penhallow, Gary Potter, Ingrid McManus, Jason Moore, Jim Miller, John Rupe, Juliana Velsaso, Laura Brienza, Michael McCartin, Nancy Lambert, Steve Cal...Read More

What is Steampunk?

“Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.” – Jess Nevins Author and librarian, Jess Nevins’ quote made me laugh and brought to mind how varied the definitions of steampunk can be. I prefer the more inclusive descriptions that state steampunk can be whatever you want it to be because it is a concept of the imagination. Yet, can we develop a short, concise answer to those posing the question “What is steampunk?” The web site ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com, state their “elevator pitc...Read More

The Joy of Chap Hop

While steampunk is serious business, one of the most recognizable features (after the cogs) is its singular humor. Little is more reflective of the self-conscious absurdity than Chap Hop, a musical genre that emerged in 2008. It combines dry wit, steampunk proclivities, and hip hop inspired lyrical rhythms to rap lightheartedly about the geek life and the challenges of being dapper gentlemen of means. The tongue-in-cheek rhymes are backed by samples of chamber music, light bass rhythms, and unu...Read More

Meet-Up Aug 27, 2016 Results

There was a meet up of people from the steampunk group and that allowed me to meet: Eduardo, Jeannine, Bob, Deborah , Caylie, Sue, Jason, Anthony and myself, Quinne. We had a good time with lots of chatting. Many things were covered about steampunk and about ourselves. During the conversation ideas were tossed in about future developments that may come to pass: Nerf duels, group picnics, teapot races and teapot races ( one with teapots on a tray the other teapots on remote control cars. ), place...Read More

Steampunk Worlds

Some people attend events dressed as a steampunk character and there are many kinds. Dangerous ladies, sky captains, mechanics, explorers, doctors, adventures, scientists and more walk around. 99% of those people have a name, background and history for the person attending what ever function it is. The most common element is ‘friendly’. No one insults any one else, everyone is supportive and helpful suggestions abound. The thing is, each person is limited to one, two or maybe three personas. The...Read More

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